Kitchen Remodel

We have started remodeling our kitchen! Or well technically we started like a year ago, stumbled, and now we are looping back around to try and finish up this remodel after some mistakes.

When we moved in our kitchen was ugly – like suuuper ugly. I’m posting pics from the home listing back then because it’s all I have, but trust me it doesn’t even do justice showing how ugly it actually was. Keep in mind these pics were meant to sell the home, but keep it listed forever, so they look a lot better than it actually was. Here goes:


In case you can’t tell – the floors are ugly blue, the cabinets are the ugly fake orange wood, the over the stove fan is a dingy stained yellow, and the appliances are also super dirty. I also hate the countertops which were super ugly, and I absolutely needed more storage!

Step 1

We painted the walls gray in both the kitchen and living room, because the yellow was far too ugly and clashed with everything. Unfortunately we used a cheap paint, and it already looks not so pretty. We’ll have to repaint again soon. We also decided to paint the cabinets, they also came out looking awful! We used cheap no gloss paint because that’s what I read we should do. We also didn’t have a good sander, and we didn’t sand in between coats. I then took the hardware that was on there, and decided to try and paint it silver which was a Pinterest fail. We ended up with hard to clean ugly cabinets that dog hair and toddler filth clinged to! It looked a little better than the bright orange wood color for a while, but it didn’t last.

Cabinets that looked like this was the end result:

Step 2

We finally ended up with some money so that we could replace the stove, refrigerator, and the ugly over the range fan. We decided at this time to repaint the cabinets, and I read a LOT of blogs on the best way to do it. Unfortunately, we started this project a week or so before school started for us. We ended up for this reason only being able to finish painting on about half of the cabinets. We are now finishing the cabinets the right way, and they look amazing! We aren’t finished with this step yet, but as soon as we are, I’ll come back and edit this post to add pictures!


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